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11 Benefits Of Hiring An Accountant During Tax Season

A small business may not feel the need to hire an accountant for their everyday transactions but as a company grows and looks for more ways to maximize its income, hiring a tax specialist will definitely help and will be worth the money. Here are the various benefits and advantages of hiring accountants:

1. Accountants are experts at what they do and can greatly help companies from tax troubles

The tax laws are incredibly complex. The Income Tax Act alone is a 3,000+ page document with numerous rules and regulations that cannot be easily digested by the regular business owner.

Accountants are tax law experts. They know how to make things simpler; they know the requirements for the business; and in many case, it can be costly not to hire one. Why is this? Because simple errors can lead to complex problems for the business owner. If there is an accountant who oversees the accounting transactions and keeps good records, mistakes will be discovered and corrected before they reach the IRS.

2. Avoid unnecessary audits

Most businesses don’t like to be audited, however, when a business commits errors in their tax filing, audits become unavoidable. An accountant can help prevent unnecessary audits. having an accountant to keep track and monitor tax filings ensures that all errors are discovered and corrected.

3. Good record keeping

Accountants organize a business’ records and ensures that detailed records of finances are maintained properly along with all receipts being kept intact. It is easier for the accountant to go through and audit the financials himself. Many accountants usually teach the company’s bookkeeper how to use the accounting software to keep the records organized more easily.

4. Tax concerns are addressed immediately

Whenever there are doubts during tax season, accountants are ready to answer any question. You will never have to worry about tax concerns if you have a regular accountant who can assist in the financial reporting of your business.

5. They help business owners plan ahead of time

Hiring an accountant during the current tax season keeps you ahead of the game and in the right position to stay posted of future tax seasons. Getting the help of an accountant at the start of the  tax season ensures that you are tax compliant and minimize any difficulty once the time for filing of tax begins.

6. Formulate sound financial strategies

Financial strategies are what accountants are good at. If you are a business owner, accountants can help you with matters concerning the financial aspects of your company. Common questions include:  

  • Should you allow your shares to be owned by a holding company?

  • How should your business be structured to reduce the tax impact of acquiring new investors?

  • If you are planning on sharing reorganization, what are the tax consequences, if any?

Questions like these are not easy to answer but an accountant is well versed with these matters and can provide beneficial and legally sound financial advice.

7. Keep up with ever-changing tax laws

Accountants assist companies in complying with the financial reporting standards and ensures that they are tax compliant. In addition, they also assist in maximizing growth opportunities. They can help your strategies align with the tax requirements. They are updated with the tax industry trends and can help you make informed decisions on matters such as incorporation, recruitment, mergers, and acquisitions. An accountant that assists in the financial reporting and tax compliance can also help optimize the potential of a small business’ success.

8. Provide stable financial foundations

An expert in tax accounting may mean additional salary expenses but the benefits that they provide is money well spent. A start up business can greatly benefit from an accountant’s tax expertise because an accountant can optimize chances for credits, reduce tax obligations, and help in accessing funds necessary to grow the business. New business owners need to focus more on how they can strategize their businesses to make it grow and an accountant is a big help.

9. Forms are filled in correctly

If you have a full-time accountant, they should be knowledgeable of the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) as well as the accounting government regulations. Company tax filings are complicated so your accountant is a big help. They will review the company’s financial records and files as well as prepare the ledgers. You don’t need to worry if you have a reliable accountant. They are well-versed in filling out the tax forms and will keep in touch with the tax agencies.

10. Learn as you grow

A tax accountant keeps up with the changing regulations and their clients benefit from what they have learned. Typically, accountants are very busy during tax season and on the average, tax accountants work 60 hours in a week during this peak season.

Accountants benefit from having you understand their work and many are willing to teach the most important aspects of taxes since it makes their job easier. There is no doubt that it is crucial to file of taxes properly during tax season and you have much to gain by understanding the process.

11. Maintain control while allocating crucial tasks

During tax season, the typical accountant works long hours yet needs to stay sharp because they have to ensure that everything is done smoothly and accurately. They should be careful not to commit errors to avoid tax issues. During this time of the year they are very busy. This frees up your time immensely while still giving you full control of your financial direction.


If you have a tax accountant, pay attention to their work and you might be surprised at how much you are actually gaining from letting an expert take care of your tax filing requirements.

A tax accountant is useful no matter what size or type of business you have as the benefits of having someone knowledgeable and experienced in terms of how your financials should flow is beneficial to your company’s growth. You should focus on strategies that will make your business grow and while developing the core competencies that are needed for it. All the other matters-- especially tax filing-- are delegated.

Payroll Outsourcing in NYC

Part of any healthy accounting system is a good payroll delivery system. Every business in Manhattan must take this aspect of their books seriously. People have to get paid on time and everything has to be tracked properly for tax purposes. Businesses also have to make sure that their payroll processing is cost effective. Nowadays it has become very difficult to keep a payroll team in house and make it profitable. The reason is that many outsourcing firms have sprung up in the city. They will run your payroll process in a cheaper and more effective manner. Visit http://empiretaxusa.com/payroll-processing and learn how you can save your business thousands of dollars and glorify your accounting department.

Bookkeeping In NY Is Now Easy

Did you know that using state of the art software that is available today and external bookkeeper you can save your business a lot of money? It's simple, with no office space and no in house bookkeeper you can balance your books in optimal fashion. Every transaction made at your business is entered into the program and it is relayed to the firm you outsource to. Say "no" to wasting office space for a bookkeeper and learn more now at http://empiretaxusa.com/bookeeping. These firms know how to keep books accounted for much better than you. When something is cheaper and better it becomes an accounting no-brainer.